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Industrial Sharpening Services

If your cutting blade/saw/knife is in need of a sharpen the edge will feel dull to the touch, cutting  may not be clean, machinery may be working harder to get the job done. Effeciency is  compromised. Production time is increased.  

Our aim is to ensure your business runs smoothly, to this end by keeping your cutting tools  maintained ie sharp you will benefit with savings in time, material wastage and power plus  extending the life of your machinery.  

bulletpoint.png Tungsten Tipped Saw 

bulletpoint.png HSS Cold Cut Saw

bulletpoint.png Band Saws

bulletpoint.png Planer Blades

bulletpoint.png Router Bits

bulletpoint.png Profile Knives

bulletpoint.png Rota Broaches

bulletpoint.png Tungsten Cutter Heads

bulletpoint.png Holesaws

bulletpoint.png Circular Slitting Knives

bulletpoint.png Chipper Blades

bulletpoint.png Mitre Knives




Home Handyman and Hobbyist

Keeping your cutting tools sharp and well maintained is important for several reasons. Cutting is cleaner and easier, safety is improved and you will enjoy those around the home projects more.  Regular sharpening and maintenance will ensure your tools are ready when the need arises or inspiration strikes.  

Bring in your tools for an honest assessment and quote for sharpening.  The sharpening list is long but if it cuts we will happily look at it.                                                                  

bulletpoint.png   Handsaws   bulletpoint.png  Tenon Saw    bulletpoint.png   Chisel
bulletpoint.png   Circular Saws     bulletpoint.png  Router      bulletpoint.png   Hobby Bandsaws
bulletpoint.png   Multitools   bulletpoint.png  Hand Planer  bulletpoint.png   Drills



Gardening Tools

Sharp garden tools are equally as important as commercial tools and Aegis Tool Sharpeners is committed to ensuring your gardening experience is more enjoyable and effortless with sharper tools. 

Quality garden tools of any age can usually be improved with  annual sharpening and maintenance.  Winter and summer are great times to bring your tools in for that annual maintenance and check up. 

You'll be ready for autumn pruning and the busy spring planting season.

bulletpoint.png Pruning Saw bulletpoint.png Chain Saw bulletpoint.png Loppers
bulletpoint.png Chippers bulletpoint.png Spades bulletpoint.png Hedgeclippers 
bulletpoint.png Secateurs bulletpoint.png Tomahawk bulletpoint.png Axes



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The Aegis team of sawdoctors and engineers have a combined 89 years experience in the tool sharpening industry.   Our extensive range of knowledge about cutting tools and machinery in many industries plus our dedication to offering you the best service possible means you can be assured that keeping your business performing is our priority.

What we believe:

  • do it once, do it right
  • service is king
  • on time everytime
  • friendly professional, personal service. 
  • honest problem diagnosis


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